Sri Lanka Crisis Relief for Care Homes

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Sri Lanka is in a deep economic, political and social crisis. There are daily power cuts of over 12 hours, extreme inflation, and a shortage of essentials such as food, medicine and fuel.

Care homes are struggling to meet their daily needs. People from outside of homes are coming to care homes for food. Considering the current dire situation, for the next few months, LetUsHelpNow is planning to support care homes purchase dry food, medicine and feminine hygiene products.

Unlike our regular monthly projects where we send funds towards the end of the month, we will be sending the funds in batches throughout each month. We are in constant contact with care homes in North, East and Upcountry to understand their needs and to prioritize those with urgent needs.

This month, we will be sending funds for special needs and elders’ homes in the North to help with their basic needs. Please contribute and support the people in care homes at this critical time.

Rs 950,000.00
Project Status