LetUsHelpNow is an initiative to directly help and bring awareness to children, elderly and special needs homes in North, East and Upcountry of Sri Lanka.  We seek to provide small aid that will improve the daily lives of the people from these homes.  We encourage all to contact the homes directly and provide your generous support to them.


More than a decade has passed since the end of war.  However, more than a hundred children, elderly and special needs homes are operating in North, East and Upcountry.  Majority of them are dependent on the public donations for their operations.  Yet, the public is largely unaware of them.  LetUsHelpNow was started in July 2018 by small group of volunteers to bring awareness and to directly help these homes.  LetUsHelpNow Foundation is a registered Not-for-profit (12031167) organization in Canada. 


  • Promote  and  bring  awareness  about  organizations  that  provide  shelter,  food and care to children, the elderly and people with special needs.
  • Collect and share public information about these care homes.
  • Build an Internet presence for these homes to increase their reach.
  • Develop and maintain a platform that connects donors and homes. 
  • Provide  volunteer  service  to  improve  the  daily  lives  of  the  people  from  these homes.