Hearing Aid Distribution Phase 1 - Nuffield School for the Deaf and Blind, Jaffna

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Basic Needs Assistance - Medical Supplies

Nuffield School for the Deaf and Blind (Kaithadi, Jaffna) is the primary institution comprehensively serving the deaf community in North and East Sri Lanka. The school has been operating since 1956 and currently serves 122 deaf, and 5 visually impaired children. Hearing-impaired children face bleak educational prospects. During LetUsHelpNow Foundation’s work with the school, from medical assessment records, we learned that children would benefit maximum from using hearing aids. The school did not provide hearing aid due to various reasons, including lack of funding resources, lack of sufficient medical assistance, and limited capacity to maintain the devices in good repair. LetUsHelpNow is coordinating with a team consisting of medical professionals from Jaffna Teaching Hospital, Northern Province Social Services Department officers, and community partners to overcome these challenges and provide hearing aid for children. 

Hearing-impaired children face bleak educational prospects. According to the “Free But Not Fair”: A Critical Review of Access to Equal Education for Deaf Children in Sri Lanka” research article, “no deaf learner accessing education exclusively through Sri Lankan Sign Language has entered a local university.”.  

This January, we supported Nuffield School to undertake gardening. During our need assessment, we learned that some hearing impaired children would benefit from using hearing aids. Last month (February), Suba (Director, LetUsHelpNow Foundation) visited the school. During his visit, a meeting was organized at the Jaffna Hospital between school administrators, medical professionals, social service officers, and other stakeholders. Dr. C. Yamunananda (Deputy Director), Dr. Thirumaran (ENT Specialist), Agalya Sekharaja (Director, Northern Province Social Services Department), Amara Somasundaram (Principal, Nuffield School), Arumugam Ravindran, (President, Vaazhvakam), Nasya (Hearing Specialist), and several government officers participated in the meeting. Based on the medical records available, it was determined that 23 children will benefit the most from the hearing aid. Dr. Thirumaran came forward to select the appropriate hearing aid per child, and to do continuous checkups. The Northern Province Social Services Department came forward to help obtain quotes and handle logistics. LetUsHelpNow Foundation came forward to identify funding sources and community partners for this initiative.

There are two types of hearing aids, based on the severity of hearing loss. Most children will benefit from basic level hearing aids, while some children would require more powerful hearing aids. After considering several vendors, we are working with Vision Care Jaffna, who are willing to provide free testing, continued testing and maintenance support. 

The basic level hearing aid (RIA 2BTE PP) costs LKR 110,000.  The more powerful hearing device (XCEED 3 up BTE) costs LKR 355,580.  Both require batteries which cost LKR 5,040 per year. First year batteries are included.  After reviewing several vendors, we have engaged a local vendor (Vision Care Jaffna) who has come forward to test, configure and adjust and fine tune every three months for the lifetime of the device as part of the purchase agreement. 

In phase 1, LetUeHelpNow is providing funds to purchase basic level hearing aids for a minimum of 25 children this month (April 2023). As there are potentially 122 kids who may require hearing aid, we are requesting other community organizations to consider supporting hearing aids for the next batch of children.

A donation we make here has the power to change the life of a hearing impaired child. If the child is able to get the maximum benefit from the hearing aid, she/he can better make use of the educational and employment opportunities, and integrate better with the wider society.

The total amount needed for this project is many times our usual monthly fundraiser. Thus, we are seeking assistance from other community organizations. 

Several individual donors have pledged to support the full cost of the hearing aid for a child. Please get in touch if you wish to do so. 

Through LetUsHelpNow monthly projects, we bring small changes to the lives of children whose faces we don’t know. This month, we hope to change the lives of children who have never heard any voice. Thank you.

Hearing Aid per Child : LKR 110,000
Battery cost of LKR 5,040 per year (first year included with the device),



Rs 3,300,000.00
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In Progress