Hearing Aid Distribution Phase 1 - Nuffield School for the Deaf and Blind, Jaffna

Project Date
Type of Assistance
Basic Needs Assistance - Medical Supplies

The “Give the Gift of Hearing to a Child” initiative, led by the LetUsHelpNow Foundation in collaboration with community organizations, aims to provide essential hearing aids to children in need. These young recipients are carefully selected based on thorough medical assessments. While many children would benefit from receiving hearing aids for both ears, the current phase focuses on providing aid for one ear to maximize impact and reach as many children as possible. Beyond the hearing devices, this initiative also integrates speech therapy and offers ongoing support. By enhancing communication abilities and fostering inclusion, this program transforms the lives of these children, increasing their chances of seamlessly integrating into mainstream society.

This initiative is being undertaken in phases. 
In this phase 1, hearing aid was provided to 25 children.

Rs 3,955,119.66
Project Status