Sustainability projects for five eastern homes

Project Date
Type of Assistance
Covid-19 Relief

Care homes in Sri Lanka are mostly dependent on public donations for most of their funding. During difficult times as during COVID-19, public contributions decrease and homes endure extreme hardship. 

Homes are exploring alternative sources of income to sustain themselves through programs such as small farms/gardens, animal husbandry and handicrafts. These activities often provide opportunities for skills training and therapeutic engagement as well.  

Enabling sustainable living is an objective in LetUsHelpNow’s vision to assist homes beyond basic needs. This month, we are supporting five homes in Eastern to develop alternative sources of resources. Three are looking to set up poultry farming, and two homes have requested assistance with land preparation for farming. We will provide follow-up reports until these projects start to yield results.  We will also do knowledge sharing about these initiatives with other care homes.

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